11 11 2009
cteachr On a typical day in Marketing Class, it’s hard to get the class to listen.

I created this comic strip while experimenting with software to use in my final project.  My son and I picked the images and wrote the storyline.  This was earlier in the semester when the class was hard to deal with.  Since then I’ve added the use of the wiki.  So now students don’t have to take notes, they know where all their assignments are and we can finally have some semblance of a discussion without the whole thing breaking down.  Their favourite day of the week is Thursday because we watch the Dragon’s Den together.  By the way, I don’t use the TV for that.  We watch it directly off the computer with the projector and speakers attached.  I’ve been tempted to bring in popcorn more than once.

Progress report

1 11 2009

Well the website on typing is finally complete and submitted for marking.  Now on to the final project – Graphic novels.

So far I’ve got a few books on hold at the library.  A few students have done projects on this topic before, so I hope to have inspiration there too.  I am trying to make the final result look like a comic book.  I should be able to upload a comic life file but haven’t figured it out yet.

On the wiki front, I’ve added 3 pages to BMI3C.  We will start on Chap 4 next.  The students enjoyed Mr. Snippe’s talk and are looking forward to his return for the cd task evaluation.


Adventure with the BMI3C wiki

22 10 2009

Parents and the Wiki – Interviews were tonight and parents were quite happy to hear their children are now able to enter discussions without fear of ridicule or interruptions from other students, as well as get their notes (in case of absences).

The students are starting to fall into a routine. On Thursdays we watch Dragon’s Den online and then they go to the wiki to answer the discussion question.

Also of note, as expected, the nonsense remarks have stopped. Students who had posted inappropriate or immature items on the wiki asked to have that profile deleted and restart with a more serious attitude. Score one for the team!

Working on the mid term project

17 10 2009

I’ve been working on my project about typing as a writing space.  So far I have lots of info but am frustrated by working with a wiki.  I want a final product that looks like an album, all full of windows that pop up with various media like sound and movement.  The wiki barely allows me to put in a table.  So I am still thinking on the final product.

Created another wiki

6 10 2009

This one is

I am posting my class notes, assignments, and hope the students will enjoy this medium better than overheads.

I’ve added links to Dragon’s Den and will continue to add more links as we go on. I want to encourage them to fill in the notes with more details as we work on this.