How long till I get my marks?

8 05 2010

Well, the new course starts in 2 days and I haven’t received my mark for Etec565 yet.  I am getting impatient.  In the meantime I’ve been busy with getting my BC teaching certificate.  The next chapter in my career may be an exchange to Australia for a year.  I’ve been investigating the school where I might teach and it turns out they use Moodle.  Well at least I know what that is now!  Maybe I’ll be able to use my new found knowledge in the near future.  Of course, this exchange won’t take place until Feb 2011.  I still have to finish 3 Etec courses before I get my certificate.  I haven’t decided if I will ladder up and complete the whole MET.  That will very much depend on the next chapter…

One more down

23 04 2010

Well, I finished Etec 565 last weekend.  I’ve been posting a little more this week, just commenting on other people’s Moodle sites and blogs.  I have to say I am impressed with the sites other students have created.  So many great ideas!  My favourites include an avatar that speaks on the splash page and a glossary functions.  Someone else suggested a link to an exterior blog or wiki.  All ideas I will have to try.

The next course begins May 10 – Etec 522 – Business Ventures in elearning.  I am looking forward to that.  I’ve heard good things.  And hopefully it will be hands on as well more than theory.

After this course, I will be taking Etec 511 and 512 in the fall to complete the certificate.  I am tempted to continue on but haven’t decided if it will have a return on the investment or not.  Things are difficult at work with so many surpluses.  I am glad I only took a 6 months leave of absence.  At least my position is guaranteed.  As for promotions, changes, move to the board – that is up in the air for the next while.  One year at a time, I suppose.

I’ll miss Dilip, Clare, Tom and a few others.  They’ve been great to work with but they are graduating or going on to other courses to graduate very soon.

What’s new?

10 01 2010

My latest course started on Jan 4.  I am taking ETEC 565 this semester.  Part of the course requirement is to create a blog.  So much of my posts for the coming semester will be found there.

I am still awaiting news on the Europe job.

On the personal front, Earl and I filled out the application for college for next year.  He has applied to Algonquin in Theater Arts, Professional Writing and General Arts, Media and Communications.  I have no doubt he will be accepted in all three of his choices.  Ariane is looking forward to returning to Ottawa to continue her education at Ottawa U in Theater and Cinema.  Ah, my artistic children…

Happy New Year!

1 01 2010

The course ended with a 92%.  The next course is ETEC 565.  It starts Jan 4, 2010.  Wow!  2009 went by quickly.