Happy New Year!

1 01 2010

The course ended with a 92%.  The next course is ETEC 565.  It starts Jan 4, 2010.  Wow!  2009 went by quickly.


The final project

14 11 2009

I am working on my final project for ETEC540.  It’s about Graphic Novels and literacy.  So far I have a website, a lot of quotes and a pile of books I still want to read.  This is my weekend to write all the content.  The formatting will come later.

I am pleased to see many of my colleagues are visiting my blog since I posted the link on the class weblog.  I’ve received some lovely comments too.  Thanks for those.  It truly brings home the value of feedback.

I should have the link to my Graphic Novel site up later this week.

Trying to link to a google site I created for UBC

25 10 2009

Here is the link.


Let’s see if the whole world can view it.