One more down

23 04 2010

Well, I finished Etec 565 last weekend.  I’ve been posting a little more this week, just commenting on other people’s Moodle sites and blogs.  I have to say I am impressed with the sites other students have created.  So many great ideas!  My favourites include an avatar that speaks on the splash page and a glossary functions.  Someone else suggested a link to an exterior blog or wiki.  All ideas I will have to try.

The next course begins May 10 – Etec 522 – Business Ventures in elearning.  I am looking forward to that.  I’ve heard good things.  And hopefully it will be hands on as well more than theory.

After this course, I will be taking Etec 511 and 512 in the fall to complete the certificate.  I am tempted to continue on but haven’t decided if it will have a return on the investment or not.  Things are difficult at work with so many surpluses.  I am glad I only took a 6 months leave of absence.  At least my position is guaranteed.  As for promotions, changes, move to the board – that is up in the air for the next while.  One year at a time, I suppose.

I’ll miss Dilip, Clare, Tom and a few others.  They’ve been great to work with but they are graduating or going on to other courses to graduate very soon.