11 11 2009
cteachr On a typical day in Marketing Class, it’s hard to get the class to listen.

I created this comic strip while experimenting with software to use in my final project.  My son and I picked the images and wrote the storyline.  This was earlier in the semester when the class was hard to deal with.  Since then I’ve added the use of the wiki.  So now students don’t have to take notes, they know where all their assignments are and we can finally have some semblance of a discussion without the whole thing breaking down.  Their favourite day of the week is Thursday because we watch the Dragon’s Den together.  By the way, I don’t use the TV for that.  We watch it directly off the computer with the projector and speakers attached.  I’ve been tempted to bring in popcorn more than once.


This guy gets it!

6 10 2009

I love how this guy hardly uses textbooks anymore. I’ve been thinking the same thing for years!

dy/av : 002 : the next-gen lecturer from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.