Shopping for Nicaraguans

12 11 2009

My daughter is coming back to Canada early in December along with her group.  There are 9 Nicaraguans who need winter clothes to spend 3 months in Northern Sask.  Brrrr!

So I’ve been asked to collect as many warm clothes as I can and deliver them to Toronto when they arrive in December.  I had a blast shopping at the Salvation Army for assorted winter jackets, hats, scarfs and warm sweaters.  Now I am getting the clothes ready to deliver.  What fun!  Of course part of the fun will be seeing my daughter and meeting her counterpart.  This will be the only contact we have over 6 months until she returns home for good (do teenagers return home for good? not sure about that).

There is a link to my daughter’s blog if you’d like to read more about her travels and Canada World Youth.