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10 01 2010

My latest course started on Jan 4.  I am taking ETEC 565 this semester.  Part of the course requirement is to create a blog.  So much of my posts for the coming semester will be found there.

I am still awaiting news on the Europe job.

On the personal front, Earl and I filled out the application for college for next year.  He has applied to Algonquin in Theater Arts, Professional Writing and General Arts, Media and Communications.  I have no doubt he will be accepted in all three of his choices.  Ariane is looking forward to returning to Ottawa to continue her education at Ottawa U in Theater and Cinema.  Ah, my artistic children…


29 11 2009

In trying to make some final connections between my own research on Graphic Novels, increased literacy and multimodal texts, I read a few of the projects that seemed to most relevant.  What follows are my thoughts. (Just pretend the italicized words are my thought bubbles.)

I just want to remind myself to consult Drew Murphy’s Wiki on using Digital storytelling for the reluctant reader.  It might be an interesting contrast to what I did for my project.


I turned out his project was more about engaging students in storytelling using digital media, rather than getting them to read more.  I think that would be an excellent next step to promoting reading with graphic novels and other types of visual media.  As I thought when I read the title, this is an excellent example of a further remediation of text.  As Bolter describes it, one technology building on the other.  In the same way, the skills learned using multimodal texts allow the reader to progress onto the next, more sophisticated media.  The use of digital texts also allows even more input and creativity from the writer (consumer as producer).

This quote from Noah Burdett: “With the need for speed a literate person needs to be able to think critically about the material in terms of its relevance and its authority.”  NoahBurdett_ETEC540_majorproject  http://blogs.ubc.ca/etec540sept09/2009/11/30/final-project-literacy-and-critical-thinking/

“To become multiliterate “What is also required is the mastery of traditional skills and techniques, genres and texts, and their applications through new media and new technologies” (Queensland, 2004). “from Learning Multiliteracies by Carmen Chan

Philip Salembier discussed the New Literacy and Multiliteracies in From one literacy, to many, to one.

He really explains how we have to be prepared as teachers and parents to understand that literacy means more than reading and writing and that digital literacy is not just understanding how to navigate the internet.  All of these are aspects of the new literacy, along with social networking skills.

Fun interactive story http://wiki.ubc.ca/Course:ETEC540/2009WT1/Assignments/MajorProject/ItsUpToYou by Ryan Bartlett.  Might use this style to get the seniors to do a research project on Social Injustice.

Finally, just because this one blew me away! From Tracy Gidinski http://blogs.ubc.ca/etec540sept09/2009/11/29/the-holocaust-and-points-of-view/ I hope I can use this style at some point either with my Marketing or International Business class or perhaps even a simpler storyline for an FSL course.

Trying to make and upload a wordle

24 11 2009

Wordle: delicious tags

Very cool!  The wordle is made up from my delicious tags.  I tried to insert it into a school wiki but I can’t seem to figure it out.  I’ll keep trying.

This is my attempt at using slide.com

21 11 2009

Leon slide show

Using Flickr to make a new image

14 11 2009

KMcElman_090516_G1 R P1160110 P helipad H 5043 / elgin park I chocolate letter C letter N o45 V letter E Candy L S

Natalie G  from my course suggested this website to make letter tiles using different images from Flickr.  Here’s my attempt at it.

Here’s the website: http://metaatem.net/words/

The final project

14 11 2009

I am working on my final project for ETEC540.  It’s about Graphic Novels and literacy.  So far I have a website, a lot of quotes and a pile of books I still want to read.  This is my weekend to write all the content.  The formatting will come later.

I am pleased to see many of my colleagues are visiting my blog since I posted the link on the class weblog.  I’ve received some lovely comments too.  Thanks for those.  It truly brings home the value of feedback.

I should have the link to my Graphic Novel site up later this week.

Shopping for Nicaraguans

12 11 2009

My daughter is coming back to Canada early in December along with her group.  There are 9 Nicaraguans who need winter clothes to spend 3 months in Northern Sask.  Brrrr!

So I’ve been asked to collect as many warm clothes as I can and deliver them to Toronto when they arrive in December.  I had a blast shopping at the Salvation Army for assorted winter jackets, hats, scarfs and warm sweaters.  Now I am getting the clothes ready to deliver.  What fun!  Of course part of the fun will be seeing my daughter and meeting her counterpart.  This will be the only contact we have over 6 months until she returns home for good (do teenagers return home for good? not sure about that).

There is a link to my daughter’s blog if you’d like to read more about her travels and Canada World Youth.

Re: the ToonDoo

11 11 2009

I am wondering why the comic won’t open when I click on it.  I have to use the link below it.  There must be some way to improve on that.  More research is required.


11 11 2009
cteachr On a typical day in Marketing Class, it’s hard to get the class to listen.

I created this comic strip while experimenting with software to use in my final project.  My son and I picked the images and wrote the storyline.  This was earlier in the semester when the class was hard to deal with.  Since then I’ve added the use of the wiki.  So now students don’t have to take notes, they know where all their assignments are and we can finally have some semblance of a discussion without the whole thing breaking down.  Their favourite day of the week is Thursday because we watch the Dragon’s Den together.  By the way, I don’t use the TV for that.  We watch it directly off the computer with the projector and speakers attached.  I’ve been tempted to bring in popcorn more than once.

Progress report

1 11 2009

Well the website on typing is finally complete and submitted for marking.  Now on to the final project – Graphic novels.

So far I’ve got a few books on hold at the library.  A few students have done projects on this topic before, so I hope to have inspiration there too.  I am trying to make the final result look like a comic book.  I should be able to upload a comic life file but haven’t figured it out yet.

On the wiki front, I’ve added 3 pages to BMI3C.  We will start on Chap 4 next.  The students enjoyed Mr. Snippe’s talk and are looking forward to his return for the cd task evaluation.