Finally a moment to catch up!

28 09 2009

I managed to clear some time for myself to read and catch on my blogging and my university studies.  I found out I have been approved to apply for a job in Europe.  Wish me luck!

My daughter has been working in Nicaragua for almost a month now.  You can follow her adventures at  You can imagine that takes up some of my time, just keeping track of her adventures.  I often read the blog to my International Business Students.

I’ve recently joined a social network created by my school board.  You can check it out at  I was invited to join a librarian/technician group, even though I am neither.  It gave me an idea to create my own group for Business teachers.  Hopefully we will share resources online and keep up on exciting activities that incorporate technology into the curriculum – my speciality.

I designed a course for Support Staff last spring.  Today, I got to see the first draft of the product.  I’d link you to it, but I have to respect property rights.  For now, I have to go through it and comment.  At first glance it needs to be less text intensive and more visual.  Or else, snore…..



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